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It is true that permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime but sometimes it is wiser to remove a tooth that can do you more harm than good. Find out what situations make it necessary to lose a permanent tooth.

Wisdom Teeth








Wisdom teeth are also known as the third molars. They erupt much later in life between the ages 17-25yrs.


In most cases these teeth hurt because they do not have sufficient space to erupt and are unfavorably positioned. If left untreated , they continue to put pressure on the adjacent tooth and gums causing :

• pain and swelling.

• difficulty opening your mouth.

• severe headache and earache.

• crowding of the front teeth.


In some cases where they are partially erupted in the mouth at an angle to the adjacent tooth, repetitive food lodgment causes a cavity to develop. However, it is perfectly safe to remove such teeth before they damage the adjacent tooth.


It is extremely rare that some wisdom teeth continue to stay impacted throughout life without causing any trouble. Your dentist is the best person to give you sound advice on your case.











When tooth decay has spread deeper to the pulp (center of the tooth that contains all nerves and blood vessels) bacteria in the mouth can enter the pulp and lead to infection.


This condition is successfully managed by Root Canal Treatment.


If the infection is so severe that Antibiotics and Root canal therapy are unable to save it, then extraction may become necessary to prevent the spread of infection.



Traumatized Tooth




A tooth that is severely damaged due to trauma (accident or a physical fall) to the extent that it is not restorable, often requires removal.



Only if the tooth has a “hopeless” prognosis, it will be suggested for removal/extraction.



Your dentist will assess the condition of your traumatized tooth and advise if it can be saved.


Gum diseases






Often when a tooth is affected by gum disease, it loses bone support around it.

As the condition worsens it leaves behind very little to no bone. This results in further loosening of the tooth. Extraction becomes the only treatment for such a tooth.



Crowded teeth






Crowded teeth make for an unsightly smile. The aim of orthodontic treatment is to straighten them.


In order to achieve the desired result, removal of a few teeth during the treatment becomes mandatory. This new space created is occupied by the adjacent teeth that are gradually migrating with the help of braces.


Your teeth will appear in perfect alignment by the end your treatment.



Risk of infection


Chemotherapy, Radiation and Organ Transplant weaken the immune system making it sensitive to even tooth infection.

Such situations may demand the removal of infected teeth in order to prevent further complications.



Instructions after tooth extraction.



1. Bite on the same cotton for 30min. Replace it if needed.

2. Have loads of Ice cream , milkshakes , juices , slushes , iced tea , cold coffee after anaesthesia wears off.

3. Eat easy-to-chew foods on the opposite side, in order to prevent food impaction in the extraction socket and subsequent infection.

4. Strictly avoid spitting , gargling , rinsing your mouth. It is safe to swallow your saliva.

5. Strictly avoid Hot beverages and Smoking to prevent complications in healthy healing process.




- Gently rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash after every meal in order to keep stitches clean and promote healthy healing. It is advised to continue rinsing for the next 2 weeks or until the healing is complete.

- If you were given stitches after the extraction, re-visit your dentist for removal of stitches after 7days.



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