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Dental implants in Dubai | Our clinic provides best dental implants and dental veeners treatments also provides cosmetric dentistry,pedodontic treatments.

Dental Implants

Dental implants allow you to keep your teeth where they belong -- in your mouth and not in a bowl on the shelf.

Why Do I need Implants?

Ever wondered what happens when you are missing a tooth in your mouth ? The adjacent teeth start shifting in order to fill the gap, while the bone in the area deteriorates leading to further resorption, your cheeks and lips start to sag giving your face a sunken-in look.

These changes are undesirable and can be avoided by replacing the missing tooth appropriately. Many of our patients enquire if dental implants are a recent invention. To which we reply with reassurance that this treatment modality has been in use since the 1970s. The extraordinary success achieved by dentists worldwide have made it a popular treatment of choice.

What happens during the treatment ?

Stage I:

During a routine implant surgery, you are awake and under the effect of local anesthesia that numbs out the site of missing tooth only. Your dentist performs the surgery and you are fit to go back home soon after your appointment. A course of antibiotics is helpful to facilitate healthy healing and keep infection at bay. Written post-op instructions are explained and handed over to you. You will then be scheduled for a follow up visit a week later. If you are replacing a front tooth, you will always be given a removable denture to cover the area of surgery so you never have to walk out of the clinic without a tooth.



Stage II:

After 2-3 months you will be scheduled for the next stage of treatment. By now your implant would have integrated well with the bone and will be ready for bearing the functional load.



Stage III:

Approximately 5-7 days later your dentist will see you for final crown / bridge cementation on the implant(s).



How does my life change after I have Implants ?

Coping with an implant in your mouth is not any different from caring for your natural teeth.

You brush and floss them the same way that you would your natural teeth. There is no alteration in your daily activities namely eating, drinking, talking, pronunciation etc.

You never have to worry about cavities on them or the fear that they might pop out while laughing or yawning.

They feel and function just like your natural teeth.

Join Our Happy Customers

I am so happy for choosing MDC :) Never been to a dentla clinic in Dubai but thanks to my lovely dentist. She took great care of me throughout the treatment. Your are the best !

Preeti, United Arab Emirates

My smile has changed my personality. I feel so confident. Thanks a ton. Keep up the excellent work !

Maria Jeanette , Accountant, United Arab Emirates

Thank you so much for your professional treatment and nice, caring touch. I have never been this fearless of the dentist. Definitely coming back for my routine check up after 6 months. this time with my family.

Abdullah Kareem Mohammed, Student, United Arab Emirates

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