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Dental implants in Dubai | Our clinic provides best dental implants and dental veeners treatments also provides cosmetric dentistry,pedodontic treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds and today we have numerous dental cosmetic techniques that can change the way you smile forever.


In this article, we share with you the options available for a complete “Smile Makeover – the blending of art and science”.


Our cosmetic dentist may use one or all of them depending on your individual needs.


Some of the conditions that can benefit from cosmetic dentistry are :



Diastema (Spaces between Teeth)


Have you noticed sometimes your teeth continue to shift causing the spaces in between them to increase with time?


Or perhaps your teeth are naturally small in size and that has prevented you from smiling whole heartedly ?


Our cosmetic dentist will work towards giving you an almost perfect smile by choosing one or all of the available options.

Chipped off or Broken Teeth





Sometimes your perfect teeth can get worn down, chipped off due to trauma or even fracture after a root canal treatment. There are many ways to rebuild these teeth.


After your dentist determines the remaining tooth structure for restoration, he can advise you on how fixing them with post-core and crowns can salvage hopeless teeth without always rushing to extract them.



Permanently Stained Teeth







Superficial stains as a result of smoking, tea, coffee and foods are predictably treated by whitening procedures and polishing protocol.


However, if you have deep stains that have developed due to tetracycline consumption, fluorosis, congenital conditions and you have always wondered if they can ever be treated ?


You will be happy to know that resistant stains can successfully be managed with custom veneers and smile design principles.


Crooked Teeth





We are not all born with a set of perfectly aligned teeth but we can alter the arrangement of our teeth to enhance our smile.





Braces, Veneers, Clear aligners are just some of the options available.



Stained, Leaking, Defective Fillings







Fillings tend to withstand a great amount of wear and tear over the years.


It is important to have your dentist check if your fillings have become stained, developed marginal leakage or decay underneath them. Replacing defective fillings with durable ones well-in-time will restore tooth form and function.


Our wide range of custom shades will restore your front fillings to give you natural looking teeth that enhance your existing smile. One or all of the following cosmetic procedures may be used to correct your problems.


Dental Veneers


Veneers are the wafer-thin shells of ceramic or composite material which are bonded to the front of teeth.


They are indicated when a portion of the front surface of the tooth is chipped off, broken, stained or simply not pleasant to look at. Veneers can help you achieve the pleasing esthetic smile you deserve.


If you feel dissatisfied with your smile but do not know which treatment suits you best, just feel free to enquire with our dentists and give your smile a “face lift”.




Teeth Whitening







Over a period of time, teeth tend to take on stains from food, drinks and habits like smoking.

Our dentists will recommend the best treatment for your specific needs, either the in-office bleaching session or home bleaching kit which will be monitored to ensure you obtain the best results.










A crown sometimes referred to as ”cap” is a cover, custom fabricated to fit over a carefully prepared existing tooth.

It helps restore tooth strength, shape, size , color and over all appearance.



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I am so happy for choosing MDC :) Never been to a dentla clinic in Dubai but thanks to my lovely dentist. She took great care of me throughout the treatment. Your are the best !

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