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Gum Treatment







Gum disease or periodontal disease ranges from simple gum inflammation to severe conditions where the soft tissues and underlying bone that support the teeth are irreversibly damaged. In worst cases, the teeth are lost. It is possible to avoid this condition by following a good daily regime to care for your gums and teeth.



What causes gum disease ?





Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause. Plaque forms on the surfaces of teeth as a result of bacteria that has combined with food particles and saliva in the mouth.


Efficient brushing can remove plaque successfully but what gets left behind gradually hardens and forms ‘tartar’.


Toothbrush cannot remove tartar, only professional cleaning at the dental office can help you get rid of it.



What are the symptoms of gum disease ?






- Bad breath.
- Loose teeth.
- Sensitive teeth.
- Receding gums that make teeth appear longer.
- Red and bleeding gums.
- Swollen and painful gums.



Who is at greater risk for developing gum disease ?






- Smokers.
- Diabetics.
- During hormonal changes.
- Some medications affect the health of gums. - Genetics.
- Cancer/AIDS.



How can I prevent gum disease ?


- Brush your teeth twice a day.

- Floss regularly to remove plaque from in between teeth.

- Do Not Smoke.

- Visit the dentist regularly (every 6months).

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