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Dental implants in Dubai | Our clinic provides best dental implants and dental veeners treatments also provides cosmetric dentistry,pedodontic treatments.

Pedodontic Treatment

Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with care and treatment of children’s teeth.

The first set of teeth in the mouth are called primary teeth or baby teeth and they are just as important as the permanent teeth.



Its Just a Baby Tooth..pull it out ???








At MDC we have a different approach towards caring for your child’s tiny pearly whites because they will go a long way in maintaining a healthy smile.

Let us begin with what makes baby teeth so significant:

• They help guide proper eruption of permanent teeth.

• Infected primary teeth can irreversibly affect development of permanent teeth.

• They help in maintaining good nutrition and development of proper speech.



Is late eruption in my child anything to worry about ?


Eruption of primary teeth starts at the age of 6months but sometimes it is normal to have delays.


If your child has shown no signs of eruption upto the age of 1yr then you must consult your dentist.

What are the signs of eruption to watch out for ?


Increase in saliva also known as “drooling”, itchy swollen gums, loss of appetite, diarrhea appear shortly before eruption.


All these signs subside after the tooth has erupted.


There are no medications to treat this condition but teething gels prescribed by your dentist should be used before feeding in order to reduce discomfort.

When should we start brushing for babies ?



Start brushing as soon as the first tooth appears in the mouth.


Use a cloth or gauze and make sure to wipe them clean after breakfast and before going to bed.

Which toothbrush and toothpaste should be preferred for children ?






Soft nylon bristled toothbrush is recommended for children. Many companies have age-specific dental products (brush & paste) that are designed keeping in mind the size of mouth opening and manual dexterity.


Remember to replace your child’s toothbrush every 3months or when the bristles start to fray.


Quantity of toothpaste used should be a pea sized amount and not more as children tend to swallow most of it.


It is worth noting that a correct brushing technique goes a long way in preventing cavities than the choice of toothpaste alone.



How do I prepare my child better for his/her dental appointment ?








A child’s attitude towards the dentist is largely influenced by that of his parents. If you as a parent fear the dental chair, the same fear should not have to trickle down to your children.


Treating little ones can be as easy or difficult as you make it out to be. Young impressionable minds can be molded to believe only the positives. That is why a lot of the groundwork into building a healthy dentist-child relationship begins at home by reinforcing the role of a dentist as someone who cares :


- Try not associating a dental appointment with elements of punishment or tricking the child into being obedient at home by inducing fear of the dentist.


- Avoid correlating dental visits to the exaggeration of pain the child may experience or lying to the child about “no pain” at all. This only builds false hopes and damages the trust your child may have in the dentist or in you with regards to future dental procedures.


- Encourage your child to establish a direct communication with the dentist, answer any questions asked. This helps build trust and gives the child a sense of control in the situation.


- Most dentists are trained to carry out treatment in a way that the child enjoys the visit and is often rewarded for his good behavior.


- It always helps when you talk to your child about the simple benefits of dental treatment. Most kids understand that ugly/ black teeth lead to pain whereas beautiful/white teeth make for a happy smile.


- It also helps if your “uncooperative” child sees you or an older sibling being happily treated before his/her turn in the dental chair.


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